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Volume 1 1988

'Samuel  Johnson's  Staffordshire (13th Earl Lecture)' by Donald Greene.

'North Staffordshire Regiments in the First World War':  
Part 1: 'The Military Experience of Horace Barks, 1914-1918'
Michael Occleshaw.
Part 2: 'Reminiscences of RSM C Hazlehurst, North Staffords'.

'The Great Fauld Explosion' by Trevor Jones.

'Manuscripts in Keele Uuniversity Library' by Christine Fyfe.

'North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies: Index to Volumes 1-22' by Martin Phillips.

Volume 2 1989-90

'The Small Court of the Manor of Haywood in the Reign of Elizabeth I'
by Pam Morris.

''lectioneering Folly: Thomas Fletcher and the Newcastle-under-Lyme
Elections, 1790-93' by Ann Kettle

'The Dairy Industry of North Staffordshire and Derbyshire, 1875-1900' by Roy

'North Staffordshire Names' by Michael Paffard

Volume 3 1990-91

'Medieval Newcastle-under-Lyme: A Hidden Domesday Borough' by Robin Studd.

'The Forest and The Chase in Medieval Staffordshire' by Jean Birrell

'William Byrd and the Pagets of Beaudesert: A Musical Connection' by
Christopher Harrison

'Herbert Minton: Nineteenth Century Pottery Manufacturer and Philanthropist' by Pauline Booth

'Man of the Turf: Tom Coulthwaite of Cannock Chase' by John Goodwin

'The Distinctive Names of Staffordshire' by David Hey.  Staffordshire Studies 10 (1998).  Notes: Originally delivered as the Earl Lecture at the University of Keele, Nov 1997

'North Staffordshire Names' by  Michael Paffard. Staffordshire Studies (1989-90) : 59-89. 


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