Trade Directories of Staffordshire

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Staffordshire General & Commercial Directory for 1818.

Compiled by Messrs W Parson & T Bradshaw. Published Manchester, 1818 in three parts:

Part I containing Newcastle-under-Lyme, the Potteries & Leek.

Part II containing Lichfield, Stafford & Tamworth (& a number of other towns) with the Neighbouring Villages.

Part III containing Bilston, Walsall, (etc) and the Whole of the South of the County of Stafford.

History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire.

by William White.  Published Sheffield, 1834.

History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire.

by William White. Published Sheffield, 1851.

Harrison, Harrod & Co's Directory and Gazetteer of Staffordshire and Shropshire with Dudley in Worcestershire.

Published Harrison, Harrod & Co, London, 1861.

Jones's Mercantile Directory of the Pottery District of Staffordshire.

Published Jones & Proud, London, 1864.

Jones's Mercantile Directory of the Iron District of South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire.

Published Jones & Proud, London, 1865.

Keates & Ford's Annual Potteries and Newcastle Street and Trade Directory.

Published Keates & Ford, Hanley, 1865 & 1867.

Keate's Gazetteer and Directory of the Staffordshire Potteries, Newcastle and District.

Published J Keates, Hanley, 1869, 1873, 1875, 1879, 1882, 1889 & 1892.  

Pigot & Co's British Atlas comprising the Counties of England and Wales and  London. 1840. 

The current reproduction edition was published in 2000 by Salamander Books

White's Directory of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Wednesbury and the Principal Villages in the Hardware District.

by William White. Published Sheffield, 1869, 1873.

J G Harrod & Co's Postal and Commercial Directory of Staffordshire.

Published Harrod JG & Co, Norwich, 1870.

Postal Directory for the Potteries with Newcastle and District.

Published Rockliff Bros, Liverpool, 1887.

Hanley and Potteries District Trades Directory.

Published Town & Country Directories Ltd, Edinburgh, 1902, 1913 & 1917.

The Potteries, Newcastle and District Directory.

Published Staffordshire Sentinel Ltd, Hanley, 1907 & 1912.

Staffordshire Directory and Buyers Guide.

Published EF Cope & Co, Walsall.  24 Editions published for the years 1905, 1908, 1910-1914, 1916, 1921-1925, 1927-1936 & 1938.

Staffordshire Directory.

Published Aubrey & Co, Walsall.  8 Editions published for the years 1933-1940.

Kelly's Directories of Staffordshire

Slater's Directories of Staffordshire